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Know the type of alarm your home needs and follow installation guidelines.

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Fire Sprinkler Information

Fire Sprinklers Save Lives

Slow the spread of fire and smoke, give your family more time to escape.

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Fire Drill Preparation

Fire Drill Plans and Prep

Create a plan, draw it out, and practice twice a year.

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Risk Reduction

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Risk is all around us. See a problem, help resolve it.

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United for a Change

Our program will unite leading statewide fire service organizations, South Carolina State Fire, South Carolina State Firefighters Association, South Carolina State Association of Fire Chiefs, and the South Carolina Fire Marshals Association, South Carolina Chapter of the Association of Arson Investigators.

No one group and no one person has the answer to solving our statewide concerns alone.

All groups strive to prevent unnecessary loss of life and property from fire and life safety risks. In this effort, we recognize we are stronger when we work together than when we work apart in recruiting statewide partners, identifying funding sources, developing messages for fire prevention, and developing strategies for implementation.

As members of each group will partner, commitment for collaboration must start at the top of each organization with strong leadership. Our united fire service organizations are currently led as follows:

State Fire Marshal

SC State Fire

Jonathan Jones

State Fire Marshal
FFAS President


Josh Holzheimer

SC Fire Chiefs President

SC Fire Chiefs

Brian Moon

SCIAA President


John Norton

SC Fire Marshal Association President


Scott McClain



Our program will engage those around our state with the ability to influence our fire problem. Annually, our fire service responds to over 500,000 calls for service. Roughly, five percent of those calls are for actual fires; however, another sixty percent are medically-related. While our situation is not unique nationally, our fire problem is made up of much more than simply fire. Therefore, our program will seek to address ongoing fire-related risk while forming unique partnerships to address other significant community concerns. This area of our program will be continually growing, partners currently engaged include:

Red Cross
Safe Kids
SC Aging
State of South Carolina
Strategic Fire
Safety Patrol
Pet Oxygen
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief
Hearing Loss Association of America

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