Deaf/Hard of Hearing Smoke Alarms

What is a Deaf/Hard of Hearing Smoke Alarm?

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Smoke Alarms, commonly called “bed-shakers,” are not smoke alarms.
Rather, they work with smoke alarms in the home to notify deaf/hard of hearing individuals
of a possible life-threatening fire emergency.

Fire Safe South Carolina is currently able to provide this life-saving technology
to qualified applicants, download the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Smoke Alarm Program Application (PDF).

Are there any costs associated with receiving an alarm?

No. The alarm and installation is free.

How many bed shakers can I receive through this program?

Each qualified applicant may receive one Deaf/Hard of Hearing smoke alarm.

What if I don’t have working smoke alarms in my home?

If you're unable to get them, Fire Safe South Carolina will work with your local fire department
and other resources to attempt to meet your needs.

Who do I contact if my bed shaker malfunctions?

Please contact Lifetone Customer Service at 1-800-648-7923.

How long does it take to receive an alarm after applying?

Attempts will be made to fulfill approved requests as quickly as possible.
Within a few weeks of receiving an application, our office will contact the requestor.
Once approved, to coordinate installation, contact will be made with your local fire department.

Are there any structural modifications made to my home during the installation?

No. Bed shakers are installed in your bed and do not require any modifications.

If there is a fire, will this unit notify my local fire department? Or, will I still need to call 911?

No, the bed-shaker will not alert your fire department.
Call 911 in the event of a fire.

How old is too old?

The provided LIFETONE device has no expiration date but requires operational smoke alarms in the home.

  • Review frequently asked questions (FAQ) from LIFETONE, the manufacturer of the bed-shaker.
  • See how the bed-shaker works.
  • Watch a short video about the installation of a bed-shaker.